Caring for your instrument – Humidity

Things people know:-
Guitars are made almost entirely from wood.
Wood is a natural product that can warp/twist/swell/contract depending on the enviroment it is kept in.

Things people don’t know:-
Guitars tend to like a RH (Relative Humidity) around 50%.
Humidity in the UK generally sits above the ideal humidity for guitars, and it also varies all the time.

Things that happen to a lot of guitars in the UK as a result:-
They slowly change, and over time they don’t play as nicely as they did when they were new; they often sound a little duller, and the action may have risen. As a result many players keep constantly sending them in for a ‘set-up’ when in fact all that can be avoided by considering how you store it.

Watch the video to learn about what humidity is, how it affects your instrument, and steps you can take to keep it playing and sounding great:-


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